It’s All in a Name

Controversy was stirred up recently because of a name of a horse. A name.

This horse’s name has been changed, but was known as “President Trump” (now known as “Fake News” after “Potus” was rejected as a name). He made headlines after his behaviour was causing significant problems.

By this time, though, Dames’s mind was tuned into the Snaith wavelength and she quickly spotted what they were up to. “We unfortunately cannot allow Potus as management feels that name is too controversial,” she emailed. As she pointed out, Potus is an acronym for President of the United States.

[Snaith] was able to draw several comparisons with the new incumbent of the White House, as he said: “President Trump was very vocal and would not focus on his work. I found him to be extremely stubborn. I considered blinkers and a tongue-tie but he was so unmanageable that I had no option but to geld him.”

Thankfully, the Kentucky Derby is coming up, and we can drown out the noise from stuff like this.


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